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Product Information
Product Information
  • The Mosselman designed to give maximum amount of planning surface creating speed in below average conditions but still allowing for regular performance surfing turns. With a full nose for forward thrust and flatter rocker fed into a smooth round tail gives the board amazing versatility. The volume has been placed to help carry you through completed turns even when the wave loses power. The original test machine was tested locally in the north sea and was given a 5 star rating. Order a few inches shorter than your standard performance board for same length and thicker and fatter if you are looking for comfort. A very user friendly surfboard. 5 fin to give those who like the option of quad in small surf.
  • Single through to slight double, flat exit to facilitate turns. Medium low entry to low exit rocker. Not everybody positions themselves perfectly so the Mosselman has a larger overall sweetspot.
  • Fuller nose and tail plan shape for planing speed.
  • Full rails front and rear. Flatter rail line for increased speed when turning.
  • Fuller nose and tail plan shape for planing speed.
  • Standard 4x4x4 glass and comp glass available.
  • Future or FCS 5 fin system placed for maximum speed and ease of turning in both thruster and quad position. Thrusters are great for turning, quads are great for generating and maintaining speed.
  • Burford blank. Double lapped 4x4x4 Hexcel glass. PU Silmar resin.
  • The Mosselman. Made for the North Sea, and beyond!

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