Product Information
  • The LC6 Chocolatine was designed for maximum performance out of an incredibly versatile craft. The flex patterns are controlled by the integration of carbon layers during lamination. By strategically placing a wide carbon vector net patch under your feet we have given you a rigid platform to create drive with. This platform will give the board a fast twitch memory that will react to your movements without losing the natural flow that is so integral in surfing.
  • Single through to double concave with slight V-exit that maximises rail to rail control.
  • Medium entry to lower exit rocker allows for modern style carves and turns for punchy surf and also goes good in small waves.
  • Medium full tuned rail for control and easy turning.
  • Wide point forward styled cruiser for every ability and most waves. Paddles great with fuller front outline plus volume. The tail is reasonably pulled in to give hold and drive if hollow. Rounded pin as standard for drawing smooth lines.
  • Futures 5 fin setup for hold, drive in good surf. Thrusters are great for turning, quads are great for generating and maintaining speed.
  • LC6 is a Carbon laminated Epoxy technology used in two surfboard models Gladiator and Chocolatine. The 36 gram epoxy blank is stronger, lighter with excellent buyoancy. It allows you to reduce your standard volume. The UD carbon tape is not only visually effective but engineered to control the way the board flexes. When surfing rail to rail the carbon patterns allows for efficient lateral and torsional flex. The biaxial cloth is a laminated insert deck for multidirectional strenght. The carbon vector net displaces rear foot pressure to rails, increasing sensitivity and reinforcing the tail area. The UD carbon tape on the bottom controls lateral flex and replicates the characteristics of a standard stringer.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 10 × 50 × 220 cm

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