Product Information
  • Forever the innovator Phil Grace unleashes the Big Boy. A hybrid Minimal / allrounder, the Big Boy is the evolution of Gracey’s own board which he surfs along the sounthern French Coast and Victoria when he’s back in Australia. The plane shape as you can see provides comfort and paddling speed while the front end of the board looks like a standard modern surfboard. He has incorporated his new double concave plateau for the bottom and the rocker is slighty lifted in the tail to provide turning facility. This board is a winner. Everyone who has ordered one from him has thanked us for changing their surfing life!
  • Double Concave V tail for rail to rail and speed.
  • Standard flat rocker for all conditions.
  • Full down rails front and rear. Flatter rail line for increased speed when turning.
  • Retro Nose. Paddles great The Diamond tail is reasonably pulled in to give hold and drive if hollow.
  • Reinforce 4x4x6 Glass or 6x4x6 for big sizes
  • Thruster
  • Burford blank. Double lapped 4x4x6 Hexcel glass. PU Silmar resin.
  • Pro Hex for all conditions and pro lite for more powerful surfing. CBFX when waves are really good.
  • When not in stock. It takes 1 month to make one.
  • No fins included