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  • High performance full volumed ultimate grovellor. This board has been engineered to perform in Mediterranean style surf or anywhere with little power. The New Barcelona has redefined what you can achieve in moderate surfing conditions. Following the enormous success or the Original Barcelona the new version has encorporated Bradley’s love of the smooth curve by slightly rounding the tail area and nose template. Wide nose and tail area combined with a straight rail line give this board extra speed in very small and weak surf. Defined by its short length, the New Barcelona has the ability to do standard manoeuvres in small surf. Suitable for surfers for who still want to enjoy progressive surfing despite the conditions. A really fun surfboard for those who like to get the most out of extremely average conditions. A must in your summer quiver.
  • V-double concave to flat tail with flip for quicker rail to rail transitions.
  • Lower rocker with nose lift for performance turns
  • Full rails front and rear. Flatter rail line for increased speed when turning.
  • Wide front and rear template for surface area speed in gutless waves.
  • 4x4x4 glass or 4x4x tail patch comp glass to add strength keeping the board light
  • Future or FCS 5 fin set up for performance turns and control. Thrusters are great for turning, quads are great for generating and maintaining speed.
  • Burford blank. Double lapped 4x4x4 Hexcel glass. PU Silmar resin. Carbon mesh tail patch to increase tail strenght on the wider tail area.
  • CUSTOM ORDER. If not in stock. It takes about 1 month to make.

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Fin System

FCS1, FCS2, Futures